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    Dis bed only for black and browns.

    Ruckus and Weagle on the bed

    Bouncie mans the towel rack

    You're not supposed to notice me here.  Go away.

    Biscuit warms the pillows

    Ahhhhh…. zzzzzz……….

    Rucky sleeps on his beds with his toys

    Rucky is conked out in his favorite spot

    Ruckus and Biscuit bemoan the empty bowl

    Sigh… the empty bowl

    Afternoon patio lazing

    The pups took advantage of the afternoon sun. 

    Biski was off camera digging and snorting around. Weagle staked out the big cushy lounge chair:

    Regal Weagle

    Rux found his favorite bowling pin toy…

    Rux and Weagle on the patio

    …and then discovered he was a bit too big for the smaller lounge chairs. 

    I’m not too big for this am I?  Rux on the lounger

    The Sprinkler Boys

    Well yesterday we got some old fashioned center-spray water sprinklers that hiss and chitter as they sweep back and forth on their 90-degree arc.  Engineerboy faithfully set them up in the yard to water the parched July-baked back lawn.  Only to discover that Biscuit has decided these would be decidedly fun to play with, bat at, and try to bite as they spit and hiss and throw water at him.  Rux gamely joined in the fun until both sprinklers were pulled out of the ground and crazily spraying everywhere, soaking the side of the house and patio (anywhere but the lawn!). 

    Here are the two SOAKED to the skin boys after their afternoon of play:

    Biski and Ruckus after a jaunt in the sprinklers

    Hey Ladieez whaz up?

    Sup Ladeez?

    Diz my crib.

    I really like my ham steak

    Rux has his ham steak

    Shhh… I’m growing.

    Puppies sleep the hardest.  Rux is no exception.

    Rux the boneless hound

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